Payroll Services

Payrolling Services Division

Task Management Inc is recognized as a premier source of Payroll Solutions for large clients across various industries, nationwide.

Our payroll services provides relief to our clients by completely handling and administering the burden associated with payroll responsibilities, including mitigating the risk and exposure associated with unemployment, workers compensation and worker misclassification among other issues that otherwise can be a major strain on our clients overall operations and growth potential.

Our clients may use Task’s staffing services or recruit and hire their own personnel, then each new hire is enlisted and paid as an employee of Task Management, via Task Management’s payroll services. Administration of payroll, management of unemployment and worker’s compensation are all handled by Task Management. As a result, your employment-associated costs and time consumption are greatly reduced.

Our Customer Service Team does not operate as a call center, but rather each member is dedicated to ensuring that every Client and Employee is cared for on an individual basis. It’s this personalized approach that has enabled us to grow and develop our business across the entire country.

Our Customized Payroll and Reporting Programs include but is not limited to:

  • Administration & Human Resources Support
  • On-boarding & Compensation Management
  • Tax Filing and Wage Attachments
  • Performance & Compensation Analysis
  • Training to Promote Retention & Productivity
  • Compliance & Risk Management
  • Quarterly reports
  • W-2, W-4 and I-9 Forms
  • Workers Compensation Reports
  • Unemployment Insurance Premiums & Reporting
  • Employee Benefits Package Offered to All Payrolled Employees
  • Reduced Exposure to Employment Related Risks
  • Diagnostic conducted by Task Management to analyze current payrolling practices and establish key
  • Productivity metrics through time-sheet design and data capture to ensure maximum output by each employee

Management Reporting:

  • Customized Reports to Effectively Analyze Return on Investment
  • Customized Dashboards, Metrics & Analytics