Our Team

It is Task Management’s commitment to performance; to “getting IT right” that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients. Our internal staff is made up of highly educated professionals, primarily staffing certified and trained, who provide creative solutions to staffing challenges.

Task Management, Inc. account executives track every step in the screening, selection, and interviewing processes. Acting as liaison to the client facilities the entire process in the following ways:

  • Review with the client, information gained in the candidate screening and evaluation process
  • Keep the client informed of the candidate’s specific interests and concerns that will enable positive decisions for qualified candidates

In all its segments, Task Management, Inc. is keenly aware that its recommendations will have a broader effect on the operations and planning strategies of its client than what is readily apparent in the assignment-at-hand. Accordingly, our primary emphasis is on finding the most qualified candidate for your specific hiring needs. Given consideration to the ramifications of a proposed course of action, we insure that our response will be the most timely and cost effective.